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Your Plastic Footprint

Though plastic has numerous benefits, our reliance on this sturdy, light and flexible material, paired with its longevity and our changing consumer habits means we’ve created a real plastic problem. More than 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into our oceans every year, and plastic litter can be found on virtually every coastline. Scientists have even found microplastics embedded in Arctic ice.

Your Plastic Footprint educates readers about the origins and scope of the plastic problem, helps them measure the scale of the problem on an individual level and then offers solutions on how to rethink and reduce plastic use. Bursting with informative infographics and photos, this book illuminates each individual’s impact on this global issue. Here are just a couple of facts you’ll find in this book: Plastic’s effect on the environment begins at its very origins, as fossil fuels in the ground. Over 3 million barrels of oil are used each day in the production of plastic, and plastic will account for over 56 gigatons (billion tons) of emissions between now and 2050. An average American will generate 786 kilograms (1,732.8 pounds) of plastic waste just from clothing in their lifetime. That’s equivalent to 5,249 polyester T-shirts or 19,650 2-liter soda bottles. An average American shopper uses at least one plastic shopping bag per day. Over a lifetime, that shopper will generate 128 kilograms (282.2 pounds) of plastic waste from bags alone.

This problem, like plastic, is not going away, and it is up to governments, corporations and individuals to make changes. Your Plastic Footprint is a must-read for every conscious consumer who is worried about the future of our planet and looking to reduce their plastic footprint.