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The New Big Book of Hockey Fun

The New Big Book of Hockey Fun is the perfect pickup for the purest fans of the hockey world: kids. While “veteran” hockey fans are caught up in trade rumors, cap hits and advanced statistics, kids keep their fandom simple by idolizing the young superstars of the game and cheering on their teams. The book includes profiles of last season’s 10 hottest rookie sensations, team pages for all 31 NHL clubs (even the new Vegas Golden Knights!), puzzles for young fans to test their hockey knowledge and a science section with step-by-step instructions explaining certain laws in the hockey universe (goalie mask designs, how Zambonis work, how pucks and sticks are made). Together, they form a complete interactive guide to the 2016-17 season with a sneak peek into 2017-18 and the next group of young stars ready to take the hockey world by storm.