“Testimonials to Ronnie are roughly equivalent to gilding a rose or painting a lily. To put it in practical terms, he is the best at what he does.”

Stan Fischler, Emmy Award-winning journalist

“Ronnie has proven himself as simply one of the finest and most preferable editors in the biz. His sense for the most compelling storyline is second to none, and he is so personally warm and supportive. “

Jason Buckland, freelance writer

“When I first broke into journalism, Ronnie was the guy I knew I could turn to for advice and knowledge when I needed to make a story better. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and has made me a better writer.”

Kyle Cicerella, freelance writer

“Ronnie is an incredibly gifted wordsmith. After much care in preparing an article, you learn just how much better the final product should have been – thanks to his surgery.”

Don Laible, writer, Utica Comets

“A great editor understands how to steer writers toward ideal clarity in their copy without stripping away the writing style that makes them unique, and Ronnie unfailingly did that with me.”

Adam Proteau, freelance writer

“A good working relationship with an editor is vital for a freelance writer like me. Ronnie has always been willing to work with me in developing an idea and in making a story better. I am humbled that he would focus that much attention on the success of a freelancer.”

Sal Barry, freelance writer

“I’ve worked with Ronnie for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things. Since coming aboard in 2011, we’ve seen a marked improvement in the quality of our content thanks to his hard work, organizational skills and his ability to clean up copy.”

Edward Fraser, managing editor, The Hockey News

“Ronnie approaches his role as a partnership. He’s not interested in imposing his vision of a story on the assignment. He understands the writer’s creativity and allows it to breathe. On the other hand, his keen reading of any piece will quickly and unfailingly uncover its flaws, and he’ll work diligently with the writer to get the piece right.”

Stu Hackel, freelance writer

“Anything can happen when a writer puts his or her work into the hands of an editor. There is no concern when the editor is Ronnie Shuker. He works to make the writing better. Ronnie is well attuned to every detail but always lets the work of the writer shine through.”

Shelly Anderson, freelance writer

“If you were to start a list of what a writer wants from an editor, it would probably include: the freedom to be creative, a belief in your talent and the understanding of when to edit or when to not. With Ronnie, you get all three, in an unassuming, friendly manner.”

Chris Kazarian, freelance writer

“As a writer I love my work, but after Ronnie’s edits, I loved it even more. His editing made my writing beautiful and flawless, such that I was in awe reading the sentences he corrected.”

Gifter Sheppard, writer

“As a seasoned editor, Ronnie has the unique ability to retain my style and key points, while tightening my sentences and eliminating any material that truly doesn’t benefit the story. In the end, he creates an overall stronger, more engaging piece for readers – one that I couldn’t have done on my own.”

Debra Rughoo, freelance writer

“I entrusted Ronnie with copy editing a book manuscript that was of deep importance and close to my heart. I was impressed with the dedication he displayed and his punctuality, and I know the manuscript has been greatly improved because of his hard work.”

Katherine Stangolis, high school teacher

“Ronnie is very easy to work with. Most importantly, though, is that his editing skills are superb. Whenever I read the final copy of my reviews, I’m always impressed with how he makes it better. If you’re looking for top quality copy editing, then Ronnie is an excellent choice.”

Joseph Phung, freelance writer

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