"In journalism, there are all kinds of editors, those stern, those diligent, those thorough and those encouraging. Rare is the editor who can be everything, with the newsroom chops to hold his writers to a standard that they are also thrilled to break their backs to reach. Over the course of a dozen-odd magazine stories he has guided me through, Ronnie has proven himself as simply one of the finest and most preferable editors in the biz. His sense for the most compelling storyline is second to none, and he is so personally warm and supportive you always wanted to ensure you made that extra phone call, labored over that final edit, before you submitted your work. Ronnie is the real deal, and you always wanted to impress the guy."
– Jason Buckland, feature writer


"Testimonials to Ronnie are roughly equivalent to gilding a rose or painting a lily. To put it in practical terms, he is the best at what he does – and that includes a lot of things – beginning with natural creativity, meticulous editing, a supreme work ethic and total knowledge of the fields at which he works. Since I primarily work with him on hockey issues, I have unfailingly found him endlessly accurate and a cheerful fellow with a sense of humor that always brings a smile. If Mr. Shuker were an automobile, he would be described as 'deluxe.' "
– Stan Fischler, broadcaster, MSG Network


"I worked with Ronnie extensively in my time at The Hockey News, and my writing and days always were better for it. He’s a dedicated professional whose work stands out because of his conscientious approach to his craft. In addition, he possesses a natural curiosity that, as an editor, enhances the depth and quality of the copy on which he collaborates. A great editor understands how to steer writers toward ideal clarity in their copy without stripping away the writing style that makes them unique, and Ronnie unfailingly did that with me. And, in addition to his many talents as an editor, he’s a good-humoured, fundamentally decent guy who genuinely wants to provide engaging, informed and accurate content for readers. As someone who enjoys consuming words as much as I do writing them, he an editor whose work I want to read, and that’s the biggest and best compliment I can pay him."
– Adam Proteau, writer,


"I’ve worked with Ronnie for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things. I used him to proofread several books I had worked on and was so impressed with his knowledge and dedication that we hired him when an editor’s position opened up. Since coming aboard in 2011, we’ve seen a marked improvement in the quality of our content thanks to his hard work, organizational skills and his ability to clean up copy."
– Edward Fraser, managing editor, The Hockey News


"When I first broke into journalism, Ronnie was the guy I knew I could turn to for advice and knowledge when I needed to make a story better. I first met him while covering minor league hockey, and I quickly realized he was skilled at putting an interesting story together, even if it was a boring game. More recently, he’s made me a contributor to The Hockey News. It’s an ideal situation for me because of his editing skills and attention to detail. Ronnie is trustworthy, knowledgeable and has made me a better writer."
– Kyle Cicerella, sports editor, The Canadian Press


"Ronnie is an incredibly gifted wordsmith. After much care in preparing an article, you learn just how much better the final product should have been – thanks to his ‘surgery.’  I have become far more patient and conscientious when planning a story since my dealings with him. The order of how a story should best be told, after what I have learned from Ronnie, remains an important nugget of journalism.  Like an infomercial, with Ronnie on your team, you’re going to love the results, as promised."
– Don Laible, writer, Utica Comets


"I’ve been a freelance writer for decades and worked with as many different editors as I have publications. Ronnie ranks at the top of the better editors with whom I’ve collaborated. The key word here is 'collaborated,' because Ronnie approaches his role as a partnership. He’s not interested in imposing his vision of a story on the assignment. He understands the writer’s creativity and allows it to breathe. On the other hand, his keen reading of any piece will quickly and unfailingly uncover its flaws, and he’ll work diligently with the writer to get the piece right. He approaches all of this with good humour and an easy personality, making a writer glad to work with him – and it’s the unusual editor with whom a writer is actually glad to work. Ronnie is that sort of guy."
– Stu Hackel, freelance writer


"A good working relationship with an editor is vital for a freelance writer like me. Fortunately, Ronnie has been a great editor to work for during my five years of freelance work for The Hockey News. Does he green light all of my pitches? Of course not, but whenever he did decline an idea, he did so in a positive and encouraging way. That might seem like a small thing to most, but to a freelance writer – especially in this day and age of emotionless email – that was huge, and it inspired me to keep trying. Equally important is that Ronnie has always been willing to work with me in developing an idea and in making a story better. I am humbled that he would focus that much attention on the success of a freelancer."
– Sal Barry, freelance writer


"Anything can happen when a writer puts his or her work into the hands of an editor. There is no concern when the editor is Ronnie Shuker. He works to make writing better. Ronnie is well attuned to every detail but always lets the work of the writer shine through. And he has the perfect demeanor – pleasant, understanding, thorough – for the job."
– Shelly Anderson, freelance writer


"I’ve worked with The Hockey News regularly since 1990. Ronnie has been a great member of the team of editors at THN and its sister publications. Let’s put this in perspective. I still work regularly for the Associated Press. I get along well with most of the world-class editors I deal with there. Those editors, who are constantly under the gun, are the drill sergeants of our business. Ronnie knows the drill without being quite the snarling drill sergeant. I salute him for being an excellent copy editor, writer and content generator across a diverse range of subjects. Follow him on Twitter and you’ll see the variety of things he works on and does very well."
– Matt Carlson, sports reporter, The Associated Press


"Brands are strengthened by poignant and well-written copy, and having a copy editor one can trust is beyond paramount to success. There is nothing more embarrassing than sending out a communications or marketing piece on behalf of a client with even one mistake. Ronnie’s attention to detail and quick turnaround will never allow this to happen. I unequivocally recommend his work to my clients."
– Joel Solish, owner, Culinary Creative Branding + Communications


"If you were to start a list of what a writer wants from an editor, it would probably include: the freedom to be creative, a belief in your talent and the understanding of when to edit or when to not. With Ronnie, you get all three, in an unassuming, friendly manner. It’s not combative – like some writer-editor relationships can be – but cooperative. The end result is that Ronnie makes your writing better. And isn’t that what we all want as writers?"
– Chris Kazarian, freelance writer


"I've had the pleasure of working with Ronnie as a freelance writer for The Hockey News for many years.  He has always been very responsive and professional to deal with from the story conception stage right through to publication, providing useful suggestions and guidance along the way. He's also excellent at his craft.  As a writer, my finished articles are sometimes above the word count, and despite multiple revisions myself, I have no clue what more to cut.  As a seasoned editor, Ronnie has the unique ability to retain my style and key points, while tightening my sentences and eliminating any material that truly doesn’t benefit the story.  In the end, he creates an overall stronger, more engaging piece for readers – one that I couldn’t have done on my own."
– Debra Rughoo, freelance writer


"Ronnie is very easy to work with. Most importantly, though, is that his editing skills are superb. Whenever I read the final copy of my reviews, I’m always impressed with how he makes it better. If you’re looking for top quality copy editing, then Ronnie is an excellent choice."
– Joseph Phung, freelance writer