Ronnie Shuker

| RAW-nee SHOO-ker | (n.) (v.) (a.)

1. freelance editor 2. editor at large for The Hockey News

1. to edit 2. to travel 3. to edit and travel simultaneously

1. knowledgeable 2. thoughtful 3. patient 4. polite 5. calm

1. Ronnie Shuker has 17 years of editing experience.
2. Ronnie Shuker has published five books as an editor.
3. Ronnie Shuker is a PhD candidate in philosophy.
4. Ronnie Shuker takes cold showers daily.
5. Ronnie Shuker can hold his breath for four minutes.

Related Forms
1. Ronald Shuker 2. Ron Shuker

20th century, Canadian. Roots: Welsh and Danish. Masculine proper name, from Old Norse Rögnvaldr “Having the Gods’ Power,” from rögn “gods,” literally “decreeing powers” (plural of regin “decree”) and valdr “ruler.”